Sinai EM Resident Shift Evaluation
Post-Shift Evaluation
This is an evaluation for __________
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Senior Resident Name (Evaluator)
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Attending Name (Evaluator)
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How many hours did you work together on this shift
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Shift Type (A/B/Trauma/Cardiac/FT)
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1) Attitude
2) Energy/Demeanor
3) Focus: Patient care and management of patients
4) Knowledge
5) Diligence/Hard work: Sees appropriate number of patients thoroughly with good case mix
6) Patient Communication/Empathy
7) Interactions with Staff
8) History And Physical Exam:
9) Assessments and Plans: Gestalt, identification of sick-not-sick/Differentials and Medical Decision-Making
10) Patient-Flow
11) Sign-Out
12) Charting
13) Leadership (PGY3/4)
14) Teaching (PGY3/4)
15) Mastery of the environment:
16) Professionalism: in interactions with other providers (residents, attendings, nurses, PAs, consults, other ancillary staff)
17) Teachability on shift
18) Procedural Skills:
19) Consultations:
20) Confidence Level
21) Overall performance
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