Interested in City Nature Challenge 2021?
The dates for the 2021 City Nature Challenge have not yet been decided but will likely be around the end of April 2021. Please sign up here if that time of year works for you and you'd like to help organize your city to participate in the CNC.

General requirements for being an organizer are:
1. Making monthly online meetings
2. Creating and maintaining your city’s CNC project
3. Promoting the CNC in your area including how to best participate and communicating the results of the CNC
4. Completing milestones in a timely manner (based on a timeline given to organizers)
5. Agreeing to guidelines around logo use, talking to media, fundraising, partnerships, etc.

We’ll have our first meeting with new CNC organizers in September 2020, and will start our planning meetings with all organizers (new and returning) in October 2020. Expect an email from us in August 2020.
This is not the sign-up form for the 2020 City Nature Challenge!
We've been working with our organizers for the 2020 City Nature Challenge since September 2019, and it is difficult for us to add new cities to the CNC as our planning progresses, due to the challenge of getting new organizers up to speed with everything we've covered already. If you *really* want to be included in the 2020 City Nature Challenge and are willing to do some work to get caught up, please use the "Contact Us" button on our website to email us, and we'll let you know whether or not we can add your city: Otherwise, please use this form to sign up for 2021, and we'll be in touch in August 2020!
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