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As part of our continuing effort to make KBase even more useful to the broader scientific community, we are eager to learn what you want most from KBase and what you like and don't like about the current system so that we can prioritize our future development efforts appropriately. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!
1. What are the most important analysis and informatics capabilities you need to advance your research?
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2. Which analysis tools do you routinely use?
(Please include URLs, if possible)
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3. Which analysis capabilities are most important to you? *
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4. Can you provide more information about your desired analysis capabilities?
For any of the analysis capabilities that you checked in the previous question, please provide more specifics (e.g., what sort of comparative analysis would you like to perform?)
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5. Which types of data available today in KBase are you most interested in? *
(See http://kbase.us/data-summary/ for a list of the major data types currently available in KBase)
6. What data type(s) that are not available today in KBase would be useful to you? (Please list your most-desired data type first.)
(If possible, please also specify the URL where you most often obtain each type of data)
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7. How many times have you used KBase? *
8. If you tried KBase once or twice and didn't come back, why didn't you?
We want our users to be happy, so if anyone tries KBase and is not satisfied, we'd love to hear why!
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9. What is the job title for your current position?
10. Which scientific conferences do you typically attend?
11. OPTIONAL: What is your name?
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12. OPTIONAL: Would you like to share your email address or phone number so we can contact you to follow up?
If you'd like us to get back to you, please let us know what followup actions you'd like from us.
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13. Anything else you'd like to share?
If there are any additional comments you’d like to share with us, we'd love to hear them!
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14. Would you like to answer more questions about your experiences with KBase? *
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