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The ForUsGirls Foundation, was launched as a community initiative in the Spring of 2015. It started as a community program in partnership with Cote-Des-Neiges Black Community Association at the Nelson Mandela Pavillion in Montreal. It quickly expanded into a weekly girls' club in Beurling Academy, a highschool in Verdun, Montreal. Since 2015, ForsGirls has reached over 2,000 girls in Montreal, Canada and Jamaica. It has formed into a foundation providing local and international programming and educational assistance to marginalized girls aged 10-17. ForUsGirls, has received recognition for its work from UN Women, actress and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson, One Young World Organization and Global News Montreal.

Currently, ForUsGirls is seeking new members, and recruiting for its executive team and program facilitators for its weekly high school and community programs.. ForUsGirls, works within a feminist, anti-racist, anti-colonial, inclusive, pride friendly, safe space, sustainable framework. We foster ideals of sisterhood, engagement, learning, innovation and teamwork.

Our process includes completing of this form. A follow-up email, a scheduled interview and mandatory facilitator training. All volunteers who work in our programs for kids are asked to complete a police background check at no charge.

Thank you, for your interested in ForUsGirls and we are excited to welcome you all apart of our team.
This process will help us decide which role is the right fit for you and the team.

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