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Weds. 2/27
Thurs. 2/28
Fri. 3/1
Sat. 3/2
Weds. 3/6
Thurs. 3/7
Fri. 3/8
Sat. 3/9
Weds. 3/13
Thurs. 3/14
Fri. 3/15
Sat. 3/16
Weds. 3/20
Thurs. 3/21
Fri. 3/22
Sat. 3/23
Weds. 4/10
Thurs. 4/11
Fri. 4/12
Sat. 4/13
Weds. 4/17
Thurs. 4/18
Fri. 4/19
Sat. 4/20
Weds. 4/24
Thurs. 4/25
Fri. 4/26
Sat. 4/27
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For internal purposes, describe your show. For sketch/specialty/solo shows, an Artistic Committee member may reach out to you for more information on your show.
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All shows need to have send a current 1080x1080 image for ticketing. Specialty shows are also required to provide a 1920x1080 event/slideshow image. Email the images to
Tech Requirements
If anything more than "lights up, lights down" is needed, specify it here. This would include a microphone, ancillary tv, etc.
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