Optional BYOD at KNS 2021
At Karori Normal School we take the safety of students very seriously; we do our very best to protect them while using global information systems such as computers, mobile devices or the internet.

The criteria for the devices we would like students to bring are:

- A laptop (this includes Chromebooks) or a tablet with a minimum screen size of 7 inches.
- No iPods or smartphones as these are not appropriate primary learning devices.
- Must have wifi connectivity and a web browser.

Please complete the following to indicate permission given for your child to bring a device to school. Please complete a separate form for each child.
Student name *
Year level *
Room *
I/we agree that whilst the school supplies a secure, lock-up for valuables, my/our child is responsible for the safety and security of their device. *
I/we agree that the device and any accessories (charger, case, bag, etc) will be clearly labeled at home. *
I/we agree that any damage/loss to the device is the sole responsibility of the parent/caregiver. The school is not liable for any damage to personal devices. *
I/we understand that there may be times when the use of the digital device is not appropriate, and agree that my/our child will follow the instructions of the teacher if found off task. *
I/we agree that the digital device will be used as a tool for learning only. *
I/we understand that I/we may be asked to sign amended agreements from time to time. *
I/we understand that Apps cannot be downloaded at school and devices must be charged at home. *
Device Information:
The following information is used for device identification only.
Make/Model of device e.g.Lenovo laptop *
Please indicate serial number of device *
I/we understand that misuse of this device will result in it being removed from the student and held by the classroom teacher until retrieved by a parent/caregiver.
Please select the 'yes' option below to act as a digital signature.
Parent *
Child *
Date *
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