Graced by Grit Mentorship Program Application
The Graced by Grit Foundation is looking for College Junior and Senior Athletes to mentor high school upperclassmen through their athletic and academic journey. The program will run through the 2020-2021 academic year.

Please fill out the application and we will be following up within the week to set up interviews. We look forward to hearing from our incredible network of young leaders.
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Do you have the ability to dedicate 3 hours a month to a remote mentorship program. (2 one hour sessions and 1 hour of prep a month) *
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We'd like to know a bit about you! Can you identify a gritty moment in your life and how you were able to overcome that challenge with grace? No need for an essay, just a couple sentences is great! *
What self care do you practice outside of your main sport? (meditation, yoga, writing, hiking, etc.) *
If we were to select you as a mentor, what are a couple key learnings you've had on your athletic and academic journey that you'd like to share with a mentee in high school? No need for an essay, just a couple sentences is great! *
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