2020 Cat Festival Donation Application
The Edmonton International Cat Festival is a celebration of cats, cat culture and cat people. The event brings out thousands of cat lovers, and donates 100% of proceeds to Edmonton area cat rescues. Since 2014, we have donated $112,000 to selected organizations helping cats in need. For our May 30, 2020 festival, we are accepting applications from non-profits who wish to be a festival donation recipient. Submitting an application does not guarantee you will receive a donation. A selection committee will determine donation recipients based on specific criteria.

Regardless of whether your rescue receives a donation, we encourage you to participate in the festival as part of our programming. We have special non-profit rates for securing a table at the event, and are always open to discussing whether your organization can be part of unique cat-themed programming. As an example, past rescues we've worked with have supplied kittens for a 'Kitty Play Pen,' created a 'Kitty Maze' attendees could help guide kittens through, and provided cats for 'Cat Yoga.' This type of programming is a great way to attract festival attendees to your area, learn about the work your rescue does, and secure potential adoptions, fosters, volunteers, or additional donations.

And it's fun!

Please contact edmontoncatfest@gmail.com for questions.

Visit www.edmontoncatfest.com to learn more about the festival.

Please apply to receive 2020 Cat Festival donations by November 25, 2019.
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Please let us know if your organization would like to participate in the festival as a vendor / host an activity, even if you are not selected as a donation recipient. If you select 'yes,' we will reach out to you to talk about how you can participate in the festival. *
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