2021 RCC Summer STEM-Health Camp Interest Survey
Rappahannock Community College Summer Health-STEM camp interest survey.

Please fill out this survey if you are interested in enrolling your student in the RCC Summer STEM-Health camp and would want to be put on the registration mailing list for this Spring.

Please fill out this survey once per student (do this survey separately for each student)

Class Topic: Arduino Electronics and Healthcare Applications
Cost: Free (if you live in the RAHEC/RCC service region)
Location: Online through Zoom
Date and Time: Rising 7-9th grade June 21-25, Current high schoolers June 28-July 1
Limited Capacity: 30 current Middle School and 30 current High School Students
What students get: Free Arduino kit for their class as well as lessons from healthcare workers on how the devices your students are building have applications in healthcare.

Sponsors: Rappahannock Community College and our Area Health Education Center
Thank you to our partners!
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