CAS Student Committees
The McMaster Computer Science Society will be forming the following 3 student committees to provide students with the opportunity to be more involved in the decisions that the CAS department makes.
You do not necessarily have to be in Computer Science to join the committees. Anyone in the Computing and Software department, or anyone taking CS courses, or anyone with ideas to benefit the student community can join!
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Academic Committee
Discuss, collect concerns, and suggest better ways for the program to be run.
Drop-In-Centre Committee
Help re-design the drop-in centre in the first floor of ETB. By "re-design", I mean propose improvements regarding the type of help offered, hours, etc. The drop-in-centre proposal will be needed for the end of September, so this committee will begin to meet as soon as classes begin. Although, you can start brainstorming ideas right now :)

3. A Lab Committee to help design the new lab that is scheduled to be created for April.

Lab Committee
Help design the new lab that is scheduled to begin construction in April 2018.
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