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Thank you for taking the time to preregister your item!

Artwork / Items that will be considered for the Charity Auction will typically be unique and special items only (e.g. limited items, rare items, big commissions, last of a kind items, etc.). Smaller items, merchandise, small commissions (e.g. sketches / badges) or items available in higher numbers will typically be accepted to our Lottery Booth. We need items in both categories so all donations are very welcome and highly appreciated!

IMPORTANT: While item donations are possible and highly appreciated throughout the entire convention, only items submitted and delivered before Thursday at noon can be considered for the art show and charity auction.

The NFC Charity Team values every donation that we receive, and we do our best to ensure that each donation gets the best chance at raising as much money as possible for our charity. This may involve sending your item to a different Charity area than expected, such as the Lottery Booth or Art Show, or bundling your donation with others to be sold as a single group. This is especially the case with the Charity Auction, as only a limited number of items can be accepted for Auction and many items may need to be sent elsewhere. While we do our best to ensure that our donor's wishes are obeyed, this is not always possible. By checking this box, you acknowledge and consent that we may handle your donation in this manner.
All donations made to the NFC Charity department are final. Unused items which remain at the end of the convention will be stored for use at next year's NFC, and cannot be returned to you.
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