Ignite Denver 35 Spark Submissions
So you've been to a couple Ignites, you like the format, and you're thinking about speaking at Ignite Denver 34, on March 11th. We are excited to hear what you what to bring to the stage! And we know the Ignite Denver audience will be supportive of your efforts as well.

Before you start filling out the form, we ask you to consider a few simple requirements:
1) We need you to be available on the night of the event! This is supremely important. :)
2) We need you to be available for two run-throughs prior to the event, Monday evenings the two weeks before the show. These run-throughs are designed to help you bring your best talk to the stage, and our past speakers have found them very useful.
3) Our audience does not like pitches, shilling, or other sales-y things. It's in your best interest to present yourself, your wit, and your knowledge, but not your product or service.
4) Submit only one talk. If you submit multiple times, we will assume that you've changed your mind and we'll delete the earlier submission for you.
5) Everything you type into "Spark Description" will go up for voting. Except paragraph breaks. Those will be removed. :)
6) Finally, if you have never been to an Ignite, consider why you want to speak. And if you spoke at the most recent Ignite Denver, hold off an event to give everyone a chance at this awesome stage.
7) Go back and re-read number 3.

Still with us? Terrific!

Things we love to see: That thing you rock at during trivia night. Your favorite toy from childhood and it's impact to you. That random thing you learned on Wikipedia when you clicked "Random Article". Etc.

Things we don't love to see: The soft pitch for your coaching practice. Your self help service or offering.

Submit your awesome idea for an Ignite Denver spark right here!
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