Venture into Circularity: The Power of Capital & Entrepreneurship
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The “take-make-dispose” linear manufacturing model is going to be ruled out of the world, while the era of Circular Economy has come! According to McKinsey, the investment opportunities to go circular could reach $2 trillion by 2030 in Europe along. Who are the trailblazers moving the needles?

Anchor Taiwan presents you "Venture into Circularity: The Power of Capital and Entrepreneurship," a unique forum bringing together startups and investors. Walk away with insights, connections and business opportunities from this special gathering!

⚓ 循環經濟國際沙龍:用投資創造世界的下一個美好


Anchor Taiwan 特別推出「循環經濟國際沙龍:用投資創造世界的下一個美好」,邀請頂尖的新創企業及投資人分享相關趨勢及心法,探索下一個十年循環經濟的可能!

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