2020 Seoul International School of Arts, Pre-college Registration Guide
2020 Seoul International School of Arts, Pre-college Registration Guide
Seoul International School of Arts is a college-level professional music and orchestra education for students ages 8-18. Our goal is to enable students with musical talents and global leadership to experience a variety of high quality musical experiences, which will enable them to grow properly and be international leaders.

■ Outline
Pre-College begins its first semester in March 2020

1. Development: All students at Pre-College are led by professional faculty with the skills and passion. We have invited some of the most talented and enthusiastic musicians in the country to make full use of their musical potential.

2. Cooperation: Pre-college students will participate in planning performances in cooperation with governments and NGOs such as UN Food Program, UNESCO, UNICEF, Ministry of Veterans' Affairs. In addition, musicians representing Korea become mentors and conductors representing Korea participate in the performances.

3. Experience: Pre-college students will act as founding members of the Korea Youth Orchestra and participate in planning performances and regular performances in representative places in Korea. The Korea Youth Orchestra is Korea's leading youth orchestra, which is performed in cooperation with domestic organizations under the theme of respect for culture and participates in regular concerts at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts or Lotte Concert Hall. Overseas tours will also include performances from the United Nations.

■ Instruments
Violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion instrument, gayageum, composing

■ Qualification
Talented 8-18 year old student in music

■ Advantage
This is a college level program where pre-college students need to learn and play music. As a result, students who complete the program will receive a Pre-School Certificate of Completion and will receive credit for their CAS (Creativity, Action, Services) and MYP programs as part of their IB degree.
In addition, through the Korea Youth Orchestra, you can receive the performance of volunteer activities for performances.

■ Curriculum
Pre-college consists of two semesters per year, with each semester of 15 weeks. Classes are held every Saturday from 17:00 to 20:00. Students will participate in special performances, personal recitals and music camps.
* First semester: March to June (15 weeks),
Saturday, March 28th ~ Saturday, June 27th 2020 (17:00 ~ 20:00pm)
* Second semester: September to January (15 weeks)

17:00-17:50 Academic Class (Composition, Music Theory, Ivy League Special Lecture, etc.)
18:00-18:50 Orchestra Part Class, Ensemble Class
19:00-20:00 Orchestra & Ensemble Tutti

■ Performance and commissioning plan for 2020-2021
-2020. May Founding Concert of Korea Youth Orchestra
-2020. June National Veterans Affairs Memorial Concert
-2020. August Music Camp and Independence Hall 8.15 performance
-2020. October Memorial of UN day performance
-2020. December Regular Concert (Sharing performance with UNICEF) * Lotte Concert Hall
* The performance plan above is subject to change

■ How to register
1) Fill out the Google form (application) provided below.
2) Please send a 5 minute video (mobile available) with your introduction (name, instrument, school name) to koreayouthorchestra@gmail.com. Only students who pass the video audition will be interviewed.
3) Audition application fee 100,000 won (Rindenbaum Academy Shinhan Bank 140-011-449560)
* Non-refundable
4) Students should be required to submit audition files by 18:00pm, March 22th, 2020.

■ Contact and Inquiry
Seoul International Art School / Korea Youth Orchestra / Soongsil University Concerto
Email: koreayouthorchestra@gmail.com
Tel: 031-973-3390 / cell phone: 010-7167-6493
Homepage: www.koreayouthorchestra.org
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