The Bridgeport Waterfront: Mini-Grant Challenge
Do you have a great idea to draw people to Bridgeport’s waterfront and make public spaces on the water more vibrant?
The Bridgeport Waterfront Mini-Grant Challenge
The Waterfront Advisory Board is a group of community members and organizations collaborating with the City of Bridgeport to make the most of Bridgeport’s greatest asset — its 20+ miles of waterfront. This mini-grant challenge is being administered by the The Trust for Public Land and is made possible through the generous support of the Jeniam Foundation.

We are looking for ideas that will draw people to Bridgeport’s waterfront and increase the vibrancy of these public spaces. Successful applicants will be selected by the Waterfront Advisory Board.

Awards will be awarded in two suggested categories: 1) $500 and 2) $2,000, depending on project scope, out of a total pool of $7,500.

Example ideas (meant to inspire, not limit, project proposals):
• Public art installation
• Beautification project
• Unique community gathering or event
• Pop-up park
• Temporary street furniture (ex. benches, chairs, tables)
• Landscaping elements/plants and planters
• Scavenger hunt
• Race (ex. running, biking, walking course)
• Programming activities (ex. games, music, dance, group exercise classes)
In 2017, the City of Bridgeport released its Master Plan for Bridgeport’s 20+ miles of waterfront. Among the plan’s goals are to:

(1) increase public access to and along the waterfront,
(2) create jobs and economic prosperity for residents,
(3) repurpose vacant or abandoned properties,
(4) encourage water-based recreation and an active waterfront, and
(5) boost resiliency to protect against climate change effects.

The Waterfront Advisory Board, a group of interested community members and organizations convened by the City of Bridgeport, grew out of the waterfront master planning process in order to help move this vision forward.

To read the Waterfront Master Plan, especially the chapter on Activation, visit:

To see more about the vision for the Bridgeport Waterfront Pathway, visit this Story Map:

Why are we doing this?
Bridgeport’s waterfront is the lifeblood of the city. It winds its way through nine of the city’s thirteen neighborhoods. Through activation and creative placemaking, we can reconnect Bridgeport’s residents to their waterfront and to each other.
• Grant deadline: March 31, 2019
• Awards announced: April 30, 2019 and will be made pursuant to a grant agreement
• Projects must be implemented over the summer of 2019, with a final completion date of September 30, 2019.
Eligibility requirements:
Grants must be made to non-profit and governmental entities. If you want to apply as an individual, we can work to connect you with a public charity that may be willing to sponsor your idea.

Grantees are required to secure matching funds, meaning you will need to raise or identify additional resources (cash or in-kind) in order to receive funding through this challenge. A 1-to-1 ratio of contributed matching cash funds will be most competitive, but in-kind contributions are allowable. In-kind contributions include goods and services, such as: staff and volunteer time (i.e. the hours you/your team spends on planning, developing, implementing, and promoting the project, multiplied by your hourly rates), donated materials and services, and other tangible contributions to the project objectives

How will projects be chosen?
Proposals will be graded based on the criteria outlined in the scoring rubric, available here:
Eligible Locations: What would you create, build, or organize here?
Knowlton Park
Waterview Park
Waterfront Park, by the train station
East End Fishing Pier and adjacent streetscape, by the ferry to Pleasure Beach
Wild card location: Suggest another publicly accessible waterfront location.
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