DevConf.CZ 2020 Diversity Scholarship Application
In an effort to create a more diverse and inclusive event, Red Hat is delighted to be able to offer scholarships for attending DevConf.CZ - . These scholarships are aiming to support students and people relatively new or returning to full-time work in technology, who don't work at Red Hat and whose employer is not able to cover their travel expenses. As DevConf.CZ is the DevConf for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, these scholarships are only available to people from these locations. Decisions will be made based on applicants’ experience with Red Hat-supported and other open source technologies and based on being a student or being new or returning to full-time work in technology. People who are accepted as speakers for the conference will be given some preference, but the scholarships are aiming to support both speakers and attendees. We will only consider requests from people who have never worked full-time in technology or worked full-time in technology for less than 10 years since the time they started full-time work in technology or resumed it after a break of six months or more due to studies or personal reasons. Scholarship amount requests might be taken into account in borderline situations so as to allow us to support more people. The scholarship can cover requests of up to 1,000 USD for expenses such as travel, hotel, food, and child care. Conference registration is free and will open on December 9, 2019.

The conference provides hotel accommodations for primary speakers (those who were the ones to submit a proposal) and for secondary speakers who can share a room with a primary speaker or need a separate room because they are of a different gender than a primary speaker. Please follow the instructions in your speaker acceptance e-mail for booking the hotel separately once you determine that you are able to attend the event. Please feel free to request in the form below that we book a hotel room for you if you are a secondary speaker for whom the conference is not covering a room (e.g. if you have more than 2 people presenting in a session).

All scholarship recipients who are speakers will be paired with speaking coaches and will be expected to do a video call to rehearse their session with them and incorporate their feedback at least one week before the event. The speaking coaches will continue to act as friendly guides at the conference. All scholarship recipients who are attendees will be paired with conference coaches who will act as a friendly guides for their conference attendance.

If DevConf.CZ is relevant to your current job, please consider asking your employer to cover your expenses associated with speaking at DevConf.CZ instead of applying for this scholarship, so that we can support other people.

Please review eligibility requirements in the beginning of the next section and apply by 5pm UTC on Thursday, November 21, 2019. People accepted as speakers will be notified about the scholarship decisions in time to let the conference organizers know whether they are able to attend based on the deadline provided by conference organizers in speaker acceptances. Attendees will be notified about the scholarship decisions by 5pm UTC on Friday, December 6, 2019.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Marina Zhurakhinskaya at .
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Location (City and Country). Note that the scholarship only covers expenses for people who live in Europe, Middle East, or Africa. *
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Eligibility requirements: please check the corresponding checkboxes for the statements below, if the statement is true. Please do not proceed with the application if any of the statements are false. *
If you are just looking to attend DevConf.CZ, please skip this question. If your session proposal(s) were accepted for DevConf.CZ or you are still waiting to hear acceptance decisions, please list titles and tracks for the sessions you proposed and whether you know acceptance decisions for them. Please note that if your sessions are accepted and you receive the scholarship, you will be paired with a speaking coach and asked to rehearse your sessions with the coach via a video call at least one week before the conference and to incorporate feedback from the coach. Are you a primary speaker (person who submitted the proposal) or secondary speaker (co-speaker) for each session? *
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Please list college, university, coding school, online, or other studies you have done. Please include all degree programs, as well as any non-degree studies that relate to technology. Include actual or projected completion dates. *
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If you are currently working, please provide your organization name and job role.
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If your are currently working, please explain why your employer can't cover expenses associated with you attending DevConf.CZ (e.g. it's not relevant to your job, there is no budget, etc.).
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How many years of full-time work experience in technology do you have? (Do not count internships.) *
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Did you have a career break of six months or more during which you did not work in technology or study full-time? If so, how long did your last such break last and when did it end? (You do not need to explain reasons for the break.) *
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Please describe your experience, if any, with using or contributing to Red Hat-supported technologies and include links to your contributions. Please see the list of projects Red Hat is a contributor to at Please see the list of products Red Hat offers at We value and would like to hear about any type of activity that helps an open source project thrive: coding, documentation, design, bug reporting, event organizing, translation, etc. If you are not familiar with any of the technologies Red Hat is a contributor to, we recommend taking one of the edX classes from Red Hat available at *
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Please describe your experience, if any, with using or contributing to other open source technologies and include links to your contributions. We value and would like to hear about any type of activity that helps an open source project thrive: coding, documentation, design, bug reporting, event organizing, translation, etc. *
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Your Scholarship Request
This section asks about your scholarship request. Please do not book anything until you hear that your scholarship application request was granted, unless you are prepared to cover these expenses yourself if you don't get the scholarship.

The conference takes place from the morning on January 24 to the late afternoon on January 26 at the Brno University of Technology Faculty of Information Technology, Božetěchova 2, Brno, Czech Republic. You are expected to at least be able to attend two full days of the three conference days. If you are accepted as a speaker, please also confirm with the organizers that your session can be scheduled on the days you can attend.

The scholarship covers expenses for travel that originates and ends in Europe, Middle East, or Africa. The scholarship covers up to four nights of hotel in Brno, for the nights of January 23, 24, 25, and 26. For speakers, the conference covers up to three nights of accommodations on January 23, 24, and 25 with the expectation that people will be able to lave Brno on the evening of January 26. If you need accommodations for the night of January 26, please feel free to include it in your scholarship request.

Please note that there are usually better fares to Vienna and Prague airports than to Brno airport. There are direct buses available between these airports and Brno city center, as well as there is train connection between city centers. You can look for bus schedules between "Vienna - Schwechat Airport Busstation" or "Prague - Vaclav Havel Airport Prague" and "Brno - AN u hotelu Grand" on the Student Agency website - . (This website offers the best information about travel options, and you don't need to be a student to use it!) On the same website, you can also see train schedules between these and other cities (e.g. "Vienna, Hbf", "Prague, main train station") and "Brno, hl. nádraží". You can find more information about getting to Brno on the conference website at
What You Would Like Us to Book for You
The next few questions are about flights and accommodations, which we can book for you. If you prefer to book things yourself, you can skip this section, and provide estimates for what you will want to be reimbursed for in the section below. However, please note that reimbursements can take a long time - up to two months after the event.
If you would like us to book flights for you, please provide the flight numbers/dates/times for your desired itinerary and the price you are able to find for it.
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If you would like us to book a hotel room for you, please tell us what nights you would like it for and if you need a single or a double room. You can request hotel for up to four nights of January 23, 24, 25, and 26. We are likely to book you a room at Continental.
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What You Would Like to be Reimbursed For
You will need to provide receipts for all expenses. For child or other dependent care expenses, you can have your care provider fill out the form at or share the bank, credit card, or check record that shows the expense.

You will be expected to submit a reimbursement request with all the receipts and bank account details by February 3, 2020 and we will make best efforts to have the reimbursement sent to your bank account by March 3, 2020, though it can take up until April 3, 2020 because it's a manual and new process for us.

Because the conference doesn't provide meals, we encourage you to request reimbursement for meals if covering your own meals out will be a hardship.

Please note the following limits for the reimbursements the scholarship covers:
* Airfare: 700 USD
* Inter-city travel by train, bus, or car (including fuel and/or rental): 500 USD
* Local travel: 50 USD
* Hotel: 500 USD (conference rate for a double room at Continental or Avanti last year was about 85 USD)
* Meals: 200 USD
* Dependent care: 500 USD

If you are planning to do a round-trip by train or bus between Vienna or Prague and Brno, which you can book on the Student Agency website - , it will cost under 50 USD, so this is what you should provide as a budget request for it. See notes at the top of the section "Your Scholarship Request" for more details.

Please don't hesitate to ask for reimbursement for other types of expenses associated with you attending DevConf.CZ not mentioned above and we will evaluate whether we are able to cover them.
Please tell us what you would like to be reimbursed for and what is the approximate amount per each type of expense. Note that you will be reimbursed based on the actual receipts you provide, with each expense type not exceeding the limits listed above and not going over 10% of the amount you list below. The total expenses we cover for you as part of the scholarship (including any flights and hotel we book for you) should not exceed 1,000 USD.
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