Supporti Superbuddy Application
Thanks for your interest in being a Supporti Superbuddy!

Superbuddies match with new Supporti users during their first 3-day mini-session. In exchange for helping us give new users a fantastic first experience, Superbuddies receive a FREE Supporti subscription. They help us ensure that users of Supporti are engaged and encouraging.

If your Superbuddy application is approved, we'll email you with more information and next steps!
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Have you participated in at least 2 Supporti sessions? *
Note: At least two sessions are required in order to be a Superbuddy. We invite you to apply after your two session/free trial!
Did you message your buddy every day or nearly every day during your past sessions? *
In your opinion, what makes for a good accountability partner? *
You've just been matched with a buddy, a new user of Supporti. What would you say in your first message to your partner? *
Your session is well into your first day, and you still haven't heard from your buddy. What do you do? *
Your buddy asks for your email address so that you can stay in touch. What do you say? *
Your buddy says that they are experiencing technical difficulties with the app. What do you do? *
Your buddy was somewhat encouraging to you during their 3 day first-time session, but didn't message you as much as you'd like. What rating do you give them? *
Your buddy asks you something about Supporti, but you do not know the answer. What do you do? *
Your buddy did not message you a single time during their 3 day trial. What rating do you give them? *
How many 3-day Superbuddy sessions can you commit to doing each month? *
If you could change one thing about Supporti, what would it be and why? *
How did you hear about Supporti? *
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