Digital IT Market Place in Switzerland
We, at ThirdBrain SA, are working to create an digital IT market place where companies could do easily call of proposals for their project and independant or agencies answer with detailed proposal and quotes.

We are doing a poll among our network to check if there is an interest and adapt the project journey to the wishes or needs of ours clients

What role would you have in such Market Place ? *
What would be for you the first benefit of such digital market place ? *
Does this market place need to be *
what service would you wait for this market place ? *
What would be the acceptable cost of such service for you ? *
Do you have already IT project you may submit to this market place if this market was existing now ? *
If you have comment to provide us or want to be call back by our team to help you to find contractors or projects, feel free to comment below and/or add your personal data to be contacted back. Just let an email if you want to be notified when the project is in the next phasis.
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