Erie County Veteran & War Memorials Inventory Submission Form
The purpose of the inventory is to engage the community in helping to identify and record all memorials and monuments which recognize our military men and women’s contributions to our region and our national story. You are encouraged to submit stories, histories, photographs, and research about the markers, statues, plaques, signs, parks, and dedications to the military men and women from Erie County and related historical events that took place in our region.

Please note that photographs, PDFs, Word documents and other files pertaining to your memorial submission should be emailed to

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Name of Memorial *
If you are uncertain of the exact name of the memorial, please provide your best guess. (Example: Veterans' Memorial Park)
Type of Memorial *
Please choose the best description for the memorial you are submitting. If you are unsure how to classify a memorial, select "Other" and provide your own concise description.
Date Erected, Dedicated or Built (Optional)
In which municipality is the memorial located? *
What is the physical location or address of the memorial? *
If address is unknown, please provide description of location. (Example: Monument is located in Gibson Park along Route 20.)
What are the GPS coordinates of the memorial? (Optional)
Memorial Inscription (Optional)
If the memorial includes an inscription, please provide the text here.
Memorial Purpose & History *
Please provide as much information as possible. What information or stories are you able to share regarding the person(s) honored or event commemorated by this memorial? Photographs, PDFs, Word documents and other files pertaining to your memorial submission should be emailed to
Memorial Ownership (Optional)
Who owns or maintains the memorial?
Memorial Condition *
The vast majority of veteran memorials are located outdoors in public spaces, and weather, vandalism and age can take a toll. What is the current condition of the memorial?
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Please provide a telephone number and email address so that we may contact you if we have questions pertaining to your submission form. The contact information you share will be used by Erie Yesterday for work pertaining to the Erie County Veteran & War Memorials Inventory only.
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