Black Squirrel Radio - Director Application
Spring 2019 - DUE April 28th
Contact General Manager Conor Battles with any questions (
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Please attach 1) your resume and 2) at least one full typewritten page (double-spaced) explaining your goals for the semester, how you will improve your desired position and your plans for doing both. *
You are welcome to submit any other documents or media in addition to the two typewritten pages if you feel they help convey your goals and suggested improvements. If you are applying for more than one position, you must submit at least two typewritten pages for each desired position.
You will be contacted via email regarding interview times and dates. Interviews will be conducted during the week of April 29-May 3. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SPRING 2019 CLASS AND FINALS WEEK SCHEDULE SOMEWHERE ON YOUR APPLICATION OR IN AN EMAIL WHEN SUBMITTING. This will aid in quickly arranging interview and training times. Some specific duties of each position may be altered during the application and interview process, and deadlines for some positions may be extended based on the feedback and responses we receive.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge you are applying to be a Black Squirrel Radio director, and in so doing, have verified all this information as correct and understand that no positions are guaranteed to anyone and management can decline to interview or hire you without necessarily providing an explanation.

Thank you,
Conor Battles
General Manager, Black Squirrel Radio

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