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Have you ever thought of how much fun a festival would be, where the program was designed by you and all the other participants? Well, here it is – HELSINKI DECOMPRESSION 2023. Decompression is a unique carnival of creativity and co-creation. It’s a celebration of community and its people – their art, performances, music and the joy of togetherness. Based on the values of communal effort and self-expression, this is an official Burning Man regional event in Finland. 

We want to break the barriers between artists and participants. You don't come here to be entertained, but to entertain. In the spirit of equality, the same goes for the tickets and we require everyone to buy a ticket, no matter what kind of program you bring in or how many hours you put in organising. As part of Burning Man principles, the profits will not be paid as salary for the production team or anyone creating programme, but rather allocated as financial support for as many projects as possible but note that this is not granted for sure. 

We strongly recommend you to read this fact & inspiration sheet before filling in the form:
Apply sooner than later, it increase your chances of being accepted and makes both your and the organising teams life easier! We go through applications and confirm applications every two weeks.

Final deadline for applications is 12.3.2023 at 23:59 to give us enough time to set things up space, time and tech wise.

Event days & times are Friday 7th of April 21:00–6:00 and Saturday 8th of April 15:00–6:00.

Set up for art works is on Thursday 6th (evening) and Friday 7th of April. If you have a bigger installation and need more time, talk to the team.  Also pieces that hang from the ceiling will be installed earlier in the week. 

The final take down and clean up must be completed by Monday evening 10th of April. 

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What are your spatial wishes?
For example, type of space you need? Preferred type of neighbours? Etc. Due note we don't have silent spaces.
How much area do you need?
Eg. Width x Length

What is the height of your piece (m)?
How much power (Watts) do you need?
Does your project need anything to be hung from the ceiling?
Kattilahalli is 10-14 metres tall. All hanging (i.e. rigging) needs to be known well in advance and done by our professional tech crew. We cannot guarantee we will be able to arrange hanging but let's figure things out together!
If you answered yes, please explain more in detail
Does your project use lights?
If yes, tell us more, this helps us with the placement of projects.
What is the audio footprint of your piece?
Silent, pretty silent, medium loud, very loud? What kind of sound or noise will you generate?
How do you plan to set up your piece?
Your tear down & MOOP plan = how do you plan to take your project down, clean the space and handle your trash?
MOOP is burner slang and 'means matter out of place' = trash
What risks does your project have concerning the safety of the people attending and the whole event?
Does your installation have combustible materials and how much of it? Is it already fireproofed?
Drawings, models & sketches
Add possible drawings, models, sketches to this Drive folder:
Please, name the files well named with the name of your project,  so that we know what project they are connected to and what they are about
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Read the following on art grants

Art grants are financial support for project costs that each creation can apply for. The source of these funds is the ticket sales. As the funding based on the tickets sales will vary so will the amount of reimbursements vary.
- Not all creations will be granted financial support. If you apply for support and you are accepted, it means that some of your direct project costs may be reimbursed. Announcements on granted support will come in late March. So be prepared to handle your own total budget.
- No financial support will be paid before the event. Possible support will be paid against RECEIPTS after the event only. So this not a personal grant but support for costs. You will not be reimbursed, if you don't have receipts or have not cleaned up the event space properly after your project. - We don't grant financial support for event tickets, personal travel costs or buying music tracks Sorry for this long disclaimer, we just want to avoid confusion :) If you have questions, we are happy to answer them (write them in the "Any other things?" section.)

If you are applying for a grant, what is your total budget in euros, what are the costs & how much financial support are you looking for?
The more clearly you tell about your budget and needs, the better.
Have you purchased a ticket already?
Everyone coming to the event – those organising the event, performing, creating art, DJing etc. – will need to buy a ticket. There is no exceptions to this rule. The funds from ticket sales will be used to cover space rent, infra costs, art grants etc. The production team of the event is not paid salary. Remind your possible team to get tickets, too.
Any other things that would be good to know? 
Also, if you are looking for team members, more helping hands etc. tell it here and we can spread the word.
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