Event Trailer Rentals
Before filling out this form be sure and check the calendar above to see if the trailer(s) is/are available when you need them. You can sign up to be added to the waiting list, and you will be notified if it becomes available. Your reservation will be confirmed once payment is received. Thanks!
Event Information
Date of Event *
Please enter in MM/DD/YYYY format.
Event *
Is this a multiple day event? Will you need to keep the trailer(s) for consecutive days?
End Date
If this is a multi-day event, please enter the ending date below.
Set Up
Time *
What time do you plan to start setting up the equipment? If you are renting one trailer allow 1 hour for set up. If you are renting both trailers allow 1 1/2 hours. If this is a multi-day event, enter the set up time for the first day.
Tear Down
Time *
What time do you plan to end your event? If this is a multi-day event, enter the tear down time for the first day.
Equipment Requested *
Do you want both trailers or just one? Which one?
If you will be holding your event somewhere other than your church campus, please provide the address for where the trailers will be used.
Renter Information
Church *
What church is sponsoring this event?
Association *
What association/network is your church a part of?
Contact Person *
Who is the contact person for this event?
Contact Phone Number *
What is the best phone number to reach the contact person?
Contact Email
What is the email address for the contact person?
Fine Print
Scholarship Requested (HOKSBA Only) *
If the charge for the trailers is cost prohibitive then funds may be available to help you. Would you like to request a scholarship? This is for HOKSBA churches only.
Read Information Packet *
It is very important that you read and understand the event trailer information packet. You can download it from the link above. Have you read the packet, and do you understand what is required of you as the renter?
Checked Calendar *
Have you checked the calendar to make sure the trailer is available on the dates you requested?
Reservation Pending *
Submitting this form holds your reservation for seven days. Please send in payment for your reservation to be confirmed. If you signed up for the waiting list, you will be contacted if the trailer(s) become available and then your payment will be due. Do you understand that your payment must be received in order to confirm your reservation?
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