Scholarship Form - Institute for Environmental Journalism 2020
There are a limited number of scholarships available.

Both partial and full scholarships are awarded to promising individuals, based primarily on need. Preference is given to households in the lower income brackets. Use this calculator to help determine if you are eligible:

InsideClimate News wants to attract participants of all backgrounds to the Institute for Environmental Journalism. To apply for a scholarship, please fill out this form, in addition to the main application form, available here:

Our institute carefully considers several factors including family income, ethnic diversity, references and answers reflected in the main application along with this scholarship form. The full cost covers food, housing, course materials, instruction and course activities. Note: Travel is not included.

Here are the costs breakdown:
Tuition: $2750
Food/housing: $750
Materials: $250
Total: $3750

This form should be filled out by a parent or guardian. There is a short-answer essay question for students at the end.

Scholarship applications are due May 1, 2020.
Those who submit after will be considered on a rolling basis depending on available funds.
Scholarship awards will be announced in mid-May.
To Be Completed by Parent/Guardian
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Financial Profile
As mentioned above, financial aid will be awarded based on need. We will provide support to low-income and middle-class families when possible. This calculator will help you see how you fall on the spectrum:

Note: This is not the only factor we will be using. Please use the space below carefully to share your personal story. We may require follow-up materials and proof of income.
Do you own your home? *
If so, for how long?
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Does your family get any financial assistance from the government? *
If so, what financial assistance do you receive?
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What level of tuition scholarship support do you need? Keep in mind we have limited availability in each category. Proof of income may be required *
Do you need additional support beyond tuition coverage?
Scholarships do not cover travel costs. *
Household Income Information
How many people live in your home? *
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Please list the occupation of the working adults in your home. *
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List the employer of the working adults in your home. We will not contact employers. This is just for internal reference. *
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If there are adults who live in your home and don't work, please explain.
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Number of years the adults in the house have been with their current employer. Please list. *
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Total household income before tax (including child support or alimony payments received) *
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Other Information
Please let us know of any current financial circumstances that would affect the amount of scholarship required. (Feel free to email a response to
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Please describe the applicant's race/ethnicity.
For Students (essay): What would this scholarship mean to you? How could participating in IEJ help you meet your future goals? You have a 1000 character limit for this essay. *
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