City Centre Craft Party
Presented in collaboration by Beyond the Pale Brewing + Freewheeling Craft.


Amanda and Shane met like twelve years ago working for stats Canada for one heck of a boring summer job (scoring adult literacy tests... barf). Fast forward ten years later and we realized that we both work in the entrepreneurial craft scene, we said “let’s do something together!”.

Fast forward two years later and here we are, with one cool summer event coming atcha. We will have space for around 25 craft vendors, and 5-7 food vendors and drink vendors. Beyond the Pale will be the exclusive beer served, and we will be looking for non-alcoholic options to be served.

DATE: Saturday, July 21st 11am-9pm
First half of the day will be kid friendly (crafts, activities etc), second half of the day will feature live music and a younger crowd. This is designed to get two demographic types out to the event to maximize vendor profitability.

WHAT: Outdoor Craft Party! We want to celebrate the creativity of city centre and the vibrant change in this part of the city with a big ass outdoor party, mixing the craft scene with craft beer and artisan food.

WHERE: The parking lot at city centre (directly in front of BTP). Their new patio will be the stage, vendor village right in front of the stage, food vendors by the beer. We will be fencing he area off to make it safe for attendees, all the while leaving ample parking (for he DD’s of course).

COST: $115

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Monday, June 25th @ midnight
ACCEPTANCE BY: Wednesday, June 27th
PAYMENT DEADLINE: Sunday, July 8th

SWAG: Our customers go crazy for our SWAG giveaways! Rather than only rewarding the first few people to come, we reward everyone for shopping! When they shop off of you, they get a ballot that they can then put in the draw to win the SWAG. We keep printing more and more each market, and more often than not we run out. Get your goods featured at the front door SWAG giveaway.

TABLES + TENTS: Tables will be available for rent. Tents are your responsibility and highly encouraged to keep yourself and your goods safe from the elements. Tents must be weighted down with appropriate weights... we will be inspecting and asking for the removal of tents should it not be safe.

CANCELLATION POLICY: We always have a wait-list of makers who would like to attend as a vendor. Refunds will not be issued unless a vendor may be replaced. Should there be an inclement weather cancellation, we will look for an alternate date in August). Otherwise a 50% refund will be offered should we make the decision to cancel due to high winds and or thunderstorm.

INSURANCE: We do not offer insurance to vendors under our policy. Our insurance covers the attendees to the market. It is your responsibility to insure your brand + goods should any unforeseen incidents happen. Although not required, it is encouraged.Freewheeling Craft does not assume any responsibility for damaged or lost props, branding materials, products, supplies or any other goods pertaining to your brand (during the day or whether left overnight).

*** Because we are now a multi-experience brand of shop, markets and soon to be biz workshops we are now obligated to charge tax as the annual income will surpass the minimum to have to do so. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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