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(*This contract is active and ongoing as long as there is continued participation with MCC.)
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The coach’s example is powerful. If a coach insists on fair play, concentrates on players’ enjoyment of the game and their overall, long-term development, and supports the referee, players and parents will notice.  If a coach discourages (or allows) players to play outside the rules, are overly concerned about the results, and/or criticize the referee or opposing coach, players and parents will also notice.  Above all, children deserve a coach they can respect. The coaches are responsible for teaching and coaching all the players and are accountable for their actions to the MCC Board as well as to the League and its referees.  This holds true whether at practice, games or tournaments.As a Coach of an MCC team, I pledge the following:To set an example of the highest ethical and moral conduct during any and all contact with MCC players, parents, officials and coaches. Before, during, and after the game, I will be an example of dignity, patience and positive spirit.To meet and exchange greetings to set the proper tone before each and every game. After games, the team and I will meet and congratulate each other in a sportsmanlike manner.To ensure that the players’ soccer experience is one of fun and enjoyment, and improvement in skill (winning is only part of it).  To never yell at, lecture or ridicule players for making mistakes or losing a game.  To always be generous with praise when it is deserved.To completely refrain from verbal dissent during a game with an opposing coach’s bench.To require all players and spectators to adhere to the highest level of sportsmanship at all times.  During the game, I will be responsible for the sportsmanship of the players.  If a player is carded or is disrespectful, irresponsible or overly aggressive, I shall remove the player from the game at least long enough for him/her to calm down.  To explain acceptable behavior to players and parents at a preseason meeting.  To encourage parents to make positive comments about good play by either team, as well as prohibit them from yelling at players and the referee.To be prompt and at the field before the scheduled practice/game time. To provide conditioning and cardio training to all players, as well as provide individual attention when necessary. To provide parents as much notice as possible, by email/text/phone of any changes in schedule. To ensure every player during the season will improve their skills, their understanding of the game and will play in all games during the season.To continue to educate myself in the sport through coach/player development programs.Appoint and work with a Team Manager to communicate with the Club and parents.*Any Coach who is ejected from the game by the referee will remove him or herself from the sidelines and area immediately.  He/she could be banned from attending or coaching the next scheduled game and could be banned for longer if so determined by an inquiry of the MCC Board Members.  The same shall apply to any Coach who is abusive of other coaches, players or referees. *
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