Parkside Elementary Innovation Night Company Information
Thank you for your interest in the Parkside Elementary Innovation Night on March 4th, 2020 at 6pm. We are inviting companies to show their innovation to the students so they can see how new ideas are coming to life in our area. The PTA is excited to start this tradition in Parkside's first year of operation. We are located in Morrisville at 322 Parkside Valley Drive. We would like to gather your information for planning purposes so we can map out the space and provide accommodations for those who need it.

Format - The tables will be arranged along the hallways and in the collaboration spaces. Students will be browsing freely, and will be looking for a clear presentation of your Innovative Idea as well as a project description or steps in the project that led to the example shown. Parkside Elementary has a curriculum based on a Project Approach, so the main focus of the evening is to show various methods for bringing ideas to life.

After submitting the form, we will follow up with you to discuss your involvement with our Innovation Night, and give you more details about the event. If you have questions, you may message
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Do you need a table? We are very limited in the number of tables we have available. We would appreciate it if you could possibly bring your own table. *
Do you need access to 120V power? There are some outlets near classrooms, so you may need a 25ft extension cord.
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How much space do you require? This is so we can map out the space and fit the participants. If you just have a table, then the linear measurement is ok. *
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Shortly after the Innovation Night, we will choose some ideas from the 4th and 5th grade classes to bring to life. They have been submitting ideas since late January. Would you like to help us make/code/prototype/machine the winning submissions if it fits with they way you realize your projects?
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