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"Every child should own one hundred books by the age of five."

When we get funding to print our beautiful, African children's books, we match the books that we print with partner organisations who will use these books to promote book ownership and a love of reading across South Africa. Sign up here to be considered for a book donation. All partners also have access to subsidized book costs.

Please note that Book Dash's vision is book ownership. Donations of books should be given directly to children (or parents) to take home and keep. We cannot supply books for classroom libraries or program use.

Our books are created specifically as read aloud books for the birth to five age group. As a result, organisations working with children under the age of five will be prioritised.

Please fill in the form as best you can. If you have any problems, you can email

Filling in this form is not a guarantee of a book donation. Also note that for reasons of shipping and delivery costs, Book Dash can only accommodate organisations based in South Africa at the moment. If you are based outside of South Africa, but have a physical address that we can deliver to here, and you can arrange transport for the books from there, please indicate that South African physical address in the form.

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So we know how many books you could distribute.
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How do you plan to use Book Dash books?
You can use Book Dash books in any way that encourages literacy! Give them away, use them in literacy programmes etc. One sentence is perfect. This is just for our own interest.
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Would you be interested in buying Book Dash books at R10/copy ? *
We organise "Collaborative Print Runs" where we print a selection of Book Dash books and offer pre-orders to our partners for R10/copy (minimum 100 copies).
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For book deliveries. Please note that someone will need to be at this address to sign for the books.
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Please tick the provinces that you work in, or specify the country and area. We try to distribute books all across South Africa and other African countries.
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Which languages do the children speak/in which languages would you like books? Choose from the languages listed below or add another.
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The name of the person we should liaise with. This can be someone at the organisation, or someone applying for books on behalf of the organisation. This person agrees to take responsibility for receiving the books and sending through some form of update: photos or written feedback.
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