School Application To Be Considered for a Dragon Library
Schools applying must be Primary Schools in Harrogate or a village/small town near to Harrogate, if you're unsure if you're in the catchment area please contact us. This project is currently only for PRIMARY SCHOOLS. (Though we hope to expand in the future!)

Imagined Things Bookshop is giving away books to schools, for free, in the form of Dragon Libraries (they will consist of approximatley 60-70 books depending on the titles) and will be paid for by the money from Imagined Things' Macmillan Indie Innovation Award. There's no other requirement except us being able to publicise the library, and it will cost the school absolutley nothing.

Although we only have 4 slots initially, we're hoping to raise more money for other Dragon Libraries and expansion of Dragon Libraries also. We will use this form to consider schools for future Dragon Libraries too! Basically we don't need tonnes of information just want to get an idea of what your school is like and what you'd do with the books!

Also please note we would need to publicise the library with photos/quotes, please see the question below.

Please contact us if you have any questions: and 01423 391301.

Imagined Things Bookshop, 4 Westminster Arcade, Parliament Street, Harrogate, HG1 2RN.

PLEASE NOTE WE NEED APPLICATIONS BY THE 15TH OF MARCH IF POSSIBLE PLEASE - WE WILL ANNOUNCE SUCCESSFUL SCHOOLS IN MARCH/APRIL. If it is after the 15th of March please do still apply, although we may not be able to consider the school for the original Dragon Libraries, when we have more funding in the future we will consider you. We will keep all schools in mind for future libraries if not successful this time. Thank you so much for taking time to apply!
School Name *
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What is the current situation with books at your school?
What is the reading culture like at your school?
Are children able to take books other than reading scheme books home presently?
What would you use the Dragon Library for?
What kind of books would you like for your dragon library? (They can be any books in print - but not academic/class books - we want just great books the children can enjoy independent of their studies! To encourage reading for pleasure! Books can of course be related to class topics etc. but we wanted them just to be enjoyed as stories/information without any work directly attached to them.)
Is there anything else you'd like us to know?
If your school did get a Dragon Library would you be happy for us to take promotional pictures at the school for use for publicity in the press/on social media/our website etc. & to show to Macmillan to demonstrate what we've done with the money? Also would you be happy for us to speak to staff at the school/parents/students to get quotes for use in publicity too? We would be professional, and take guidance from yourselves as to when this was appropriate but we would need to be able to publicise the library.
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