Game master job application form
Game master job application form

Let's begin your journey as a Game Master!

Before selecting you as a game master, you need to meet a few requirements. These are:

  • You need to be an active member in the AMG DAO community

  • You need to be familiar with the game and its gameplay

  • You need to be active on the game's Discord server

  • You need to have dedicated time to manage the game's community and manage the game

  • You need to fit into our team

Is a Game Master job a good fit for you?

Expected gaming skills and activity:

You need to be familiar with the game and its features, and you need to be able to explain the basics to the rookie scholars so they make fewer mistakes by default. We recommend that you play the game several times a week, so you become an expert yourself.

After the first check of the game, you should join the official Discord server, Telegram group and Twitter as a minimum. For a completely new, unfamiliar game, we recommend everyone to create a review document in English based on your own experience and the information publicly available about the game. It is very likely that you will be the only player who reads the game's whitepaper, so you will get many potential questions about e.g. how to create an account or how to add things.

How to be active on the Guild's Discord: 

Create graphics and short videos about the game to share on the game channel (e.g. look for official gameplay videos or ask your players' content or records when they are playing).

Explain the game in detail, so all the scholars will be able to get familiar with the gameplay. 

Join the game's official Discord server, Telegram channel, and Twitter account and start talking to them. Ask information about the future, future processes , and the process of the planned user acquisition. If you get information about those, please share the information with the scholars. 

Give players the opportunity to ask you questions if they are uncertain about details. You should communicate the current status of the waitlist and active player list to the scholars. Dedicate a weekly "ask me anything" (AMA) hour where they can ask you about the game.

Keep your scholars and community active by e.g. organizing in-house tournaments or championships, which are sponsored by the Guild.


You can see the players' activity using the Statbot dashboard. You can see some important information about the players, e.g. who is active, how many messages they have sent, how much time they spend in voice chat, etc. Make sure you are aware of your community's development as you are responsible in growing the number of scholars.

Accounting/Revenue information: 

Players earn cryptocurrency that has a FIAT value. You need to be able to manage your earnings from the game. You need to be able to correctly give revenue split between player and guild. There is a management dashboard you can easily find, which is dedicated to track the revenue per every game, but if there is no scholarship management dashboard, then you must create one yourself e.g. by using an excel sheet where you can record/follow the earnings. 

Every month you have to add the number of active scholars, the active wallets where the cryptocurrencies are, the guild's and players's share: these are those important information that we need to see to decide on the future of a game. 

Typically, the guilds receive 30–50% of the scholar's earnings. For example: if a scholar earns $100 worth of token, the scholar will receive $50-70 worth of cryptocurrency, and the guilds' monthly revenue will be $30-50 worth of token. You must convert your guild shares into stable coins (e.g. USDT, USDC, BUSD, etc.) by the end of the month or accept the manager's advice what to do with the tokens.  You must fill out this sheet every month. 

Are you a good fit for a Game Master job? 

To succeed as a Game Master, you need to bring together your creative and analytical skills, along with your exceptional leadership ability and outgoing personality. You need to demonstrate:

  • High knowledge of how to handle problems, as you will be dealing with people, handle user complaints on a daily basis. You need to have problem solving skills to be able to offer appropriate solutions and alternatives within the time limits.

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Ability to handle stress as you'll meet different kind of people with different backgrounds, and different communication abilities. You need to be a kindergarten teacher, as they will be your babies to take care of.

  • The ability to analyse and review community metrics and trends to identify opportunities and threats.

  • The ability to develop strong relationships with other departments within the company

  • Understanding of tools like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word (or their Google Suite equivalent)

  • Gaming background, pure love of games


As the nature of the game you are responsible for changes all the time, we also offer flexible remuneration opportunities.

The compensation a game master receives is based on the initial investment required for a game, the revenue a game can generate and the number of players playing it.

Each and every game will be different, therefore if you find the job description fitting and we want to chat with you, we'll discuss your expected salary package during the call.

As a basis to calculate the salary we do revenue share - money generated by the game - with the game masters and in special cases we can differentiate from this. A typical deal is a 50%-50% share of the profits.

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