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Join us on 21 & 22 June 2019 in Philadelphia, PA!

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In the Family Conference session room we can only accommodate up to two parents and one additional caregiver per family, due to space constraints. If you need to request an exception, please provide an explanation below.
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STX'er attendees
The STXBP1 Foundation is encouraging families to bring their STX'ers to build community, as well as facilitate participation in research studies and sample collection.

During the family conference sessions, there will be an adjacent room for STX'ers. Families are strongly encouraged to plan for their own caregiver, but the STXBP1 Foundation is working to secure a limited number of caregivers for STX'ers. Ideally we will find skilled volunteers, but there may be a cost for care. We will follow up with families who request care below.

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