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Who We Are
#BABB is a community of badass, bossy and bitchin women. BABB is a way to celebrate owning and creating a lifestyle—having it all just because you want it.

BABB can be your alter ego, your little secret or wear it like the scarlet letter. Either way, if you’re a BABB, you know it. A BABB’s superpower is an uncompromising and unstoppable drive.

Being a badass is an adventure, not all are willing to take.
Being a boss is taking ownership of your life and what you get out of it.
Being a bitch means you’re taking back the word and owning it.

BABBs push boundaries. We embrace the struggle and the success. We create our reality. We spearhead a new way of thinking, living and working.

What We Do
BABB delivers resources that help you create your reality by being badass, bossy and bitchin. We’re for women who aren’t afraid to build their dreams and to OWN who they are while doing so. We source the best of the best and share these stories, tools and resources directly with you through Instagram and a bi-weekly newsletter.

Our mission is to connect you to valuable resources that fuel your future forward both in your career and in your personal life.

We found there were bits and pieces of this community out there, and so many resources and products that speak to the #BABBlife, but no one place for it all to thrive.

Welcome to your community! Xx, bitch.

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