Forever Wanted Part 2 by Dee Palmer
ā•ā• ššŽšŽšŠ šš‘šŽšŒšŽš“šˆšŽš ā•ā•
Forever Wanted Part 2 by Dee Palmer

ā•ā• š„š•š„šš“ ā•ā•
Cover Reveal: July 8, 2019
Release Blitz: July 30-31, 2019
Book Tour: August 5-9, 2019

ā•ā• š†š„šš‘š„ ā•ā•
Contemporary Romance

ā•ā• š‘š„š•šˆš„š– šˆšš…šŽš‘šŒš€š“šˆšŽš ā•ā•
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Ėœā€*Ā°ā€¢.Ėœā€*Ā°ā€¢ BLURB ā€¢Ā°*ā€Ėœ.ā€¢Ā°*ā€Ėœ
Tug and Toxic are left holding the fort. Finn and Charge have left for the UK to be with Hope and her sick Mum and Pink has gone AWOL.. With thirty horses to look after and a mare due to drop her foal any second the boys have literally been left knee deep in the shit.
When farm help turns up it's not what either of them are expecting. Max and Clifford arrive like a tornado and knock the boys on their asses. If ever their was a woman to tame two men it's Max but far from falling for their charms, she's only got time for Clifford.
Is all that about to change and is Finn really ready to let go of her men, for good?
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