Hinton Technology Parent Survey
The Hinton Community School District is working to expand technology devices and their use in the classroom. We would very much like your input as a parent to help our Technology Committee and the administrators make informed decisions to provide the best technology tools for your child.

Please complete this survey only one time per residence (not one for each child). Consider all of your children and their education when completing the survey. Thank you!
What is/are your child(ren)'s grade level(s) for the 2019-20 school year? (Select all that apply) *
I believe preparing my child to learn digital citizenship skills in school is *
My child(ren) should be encouraged to use technology at school for school learning, assignments, projects, etc. *
I feel my child(ren) should have the following computer skills: (Please select all that apply) *
I feel the school district does a good job in preparing my child to *
Not Sure
Use productivity tools and common applications effectively and constructively.
Research, manage and evaluate information and solve problems using digital tools and resources.
Use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.
Demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge and develop innovative products and processes using technology.
Practice safe, legal and ethical behavior in the use of information and technology
My child(ren) have access to a computer outside of school for school work *
Does your family have Internet access at home? *
My child(ren) use the following technology outside of school: (Please select all that apply) *
My child(ren) use technology for the following: (Please select all that apply) *
** My child(ren) would use a technology device for school work at home **(PARENTS OF GRADES 4-8 STUDENTS ONLY) **
The district uses technology effectively in communicating with our home and family. (District website, email, Twitter, PowerSchool, newsletters, school websites, etc) *
Which types of devices would you prefer your child to use in school? *
Do you feel comfortable with your child bringing home a school provided device (it would be you have some financial responsibility if it is lost, damaged, or stolen)? *
As a parent do you feel you have the knowledge and/or technology to effectively communicate and receive communication from your child's(ren's) teacher? Please explain. *
Please provide any additional comments
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