CYTO Innovation 2019 Technology Showcase Application
We invite you to present your innovative technology business case in a 5-minute pitch to the ISAC community, VCs and potential acquirers at CYTO 2019! Participation in the CYTO Innovation Technology Showcase benefits start-ups by providing a platform to search for strategic synergies, an opportunity to meet like-minded innovators to create meaningful connections, and forge new collaborations, as well as a place to validate your ideas by having access to the world’s cytometry experts network.

Amongst the topics that matter are:

• Your motivation to start the business.
• How does your technology differ from available alternatives/ existing solutions?
• The impact your innovation will have on the practice of cytometry.
• IP position and freedom to operate.
• How you plan to take your idea to market.
• Your team.
• Anticipated next steps and where you need help.

Submission Deadline: Friday, April 19, 2019

Your responses should be limited to 100 words or less and should not contain any confidential information. Applications will be reviewed by the CYTO Innovation steering committee. Results of that review will be sent to applicants by May 1, 2019.

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