Mass Open Cloud User Survey - Spring 2020
INSTRUCTIONS: Please fill out one survey for each OpenStack project for which you currently use the MOC (so if you are using it for three projects, you will fill it out three times).  If you have many projects and the form is too cumbersome, please email Jennifer Stacy,, and she will send you an excel spreadsheet version.

PURPOSE: Due to the success of the MOC, Boston University and Harvard University are creating a production cloud service, the New England Research Cloud (NERC), supported by the professional Research Computing Services staff from those universities.  We expect that this production service will enable a significant community of users that do not have the technical skills to use the existing, unsupported MOC service and/or were unwilling to assume the risk of using an experimental service.  

As part of that process the Mass Open Cloud will no longer be supporting OpenStack VMs.  Those projects will migrate to the NERC.

In order to minimize disruption during this period, and to understand the needs for the future NERC platform, we are asking existing users to complete the following survey to help us plan for that migration.

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Please provide the name of your Open Stack project (available via Horizon User Interface.) *
Your Name (First Last) *
Please list affiliated institutions and/or companies. *
Please provide a brief description of the project.
Please list any project websites.
What  services is it using? *
How often is the MOC used for this project?
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If you are a PI or manager with multiple users (students, etc.) using this OpenStack/OpenShift project, please list those users' email addresses.  If the project consists of more then 4 users please just list the number of users. *
If you are not the PI, please identify the PI. *
Are there external users, and if so, how many? (e.g. for internet-facing web services one of our existing services supports 10K users) *
Please identify if your usage is grant funded and some details on the grant (eg. “NSF 1234567”)
Do you have contingency plans for downtime, e.g., can you transition the project to existing HPC or cloud environments?
Is your data backed up?  (note that this includes “volume data” on VM disks and OpenShift volumes as well as “object data” in Swift)
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When OpenStack VMs are no longer available will you want to move your project to the NERC? *
If you would like us to provide a backup option (to the North East Storage Exchange) during the transition, please indicate the amount of volume and/or object storage you require.
Please indicate capabilities (e.g., GPUs, FPGAs... ) that you would like to have in a future NERC platform.
In regard to this project, please note any specific time periods/dates (e.g. before conference deadlines) when your work might be disrupted if services were unavailable, and which resources would be critical during this time (we cannot guarantee availability, but will do our best to take these requests into account).
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