Aberdeen Community Survey
Hello there! Better Block will be on the ground in Aberdeen through May 2018. We're working to bring your ideas to life and make downtown a more walkable, vibrant place to live and work. Please fill out the survey below and share with anyone else you think may be interested!
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Do you live in or near Aberdeen?
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If not, where do you live?
What are your favorite places in Aberdeen?
Do you feel safe walking the sidewalks in Aberdeen?
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If not, why?
How do you usually get around?
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What would make you walk or bike more to or around Aberdeen?
Do you work in Aberdeen?
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If not, where do you work?
We only need the location, not the actual business name.
What's your average commute time?
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How do you feel about your commute?
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What businesses do you frequent in Aberdeen?
Is it easy for you to get to these businesses?
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What businesses do you wish existed that don't?
As part of the project, we're looking to install pop-up businesses into some of the vacancies. Are you interested in testing out one of your business ideas? If not, do you know of someone who would be?
Which public amenities do you think the residents need the most?
Select up to three.
Would you like to be involved in improving Aberdeen?
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If so, what skillsets could you share?
This can be anything -- photography, graphic design, marketing, woodworking, community connecting, painting, recruiting volunteers, starting a pop-up business, etc.
As part of the Aberdeen project, we will be hosting workshops and classes to anyone interested prior to building the improvements. What would you be most interested in learning during these workshops?
Do you have any contacts or know any organizations that we should be reaching out to?
These can be local artists and makers, interested neighbors, relevant nonprofits, etc.
If you could change one thing about Aberdeen, what would it be?
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