Application for Target Teach - Parsippany 2016-17 School Year
This program is open to seniors only. Please complete this student application submit no later than January 31st. (Please note: As per the course requirement-You cannot apply for this program if you have received any grades in the D range or Fs as final grades in any year)
Name of Applicant *
Why do you want to be a teacher? *
Discuss your involvement in extracurricular activities. How has this involvement helped to develop you as a person? *
Describe a challenge that you have had to confront in your life. How did you overcome it? How has that changed you as a person? *
Which high school do you attend?
Which grade level do you prefer?
You may choose more than one
If you prefer a subject area please list area(s) below.
for example, Language arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign language, Art, Choir, Band, Phys Ed, Special Education
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