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I am aware that this qualification is being delivered in partnership, with credentials being issued by Fortress Learning RTO # 31974.

I have completed the Suitability Self-Assessment and am satisfied that this program of study is suitable for me and that I have access to the resources and environments that it will require. https://fortresslearning.com.au/how-to-enrol/suitability-self-assessment-partners/

I acknowledge that I have read, understood and accept the fees associated with commencing, extending and withdrawing from this course, as outlined in the handbook.

I acknowledge that I have read the Student Handbook and am aware of my rights and obligations.

I declare that the information I have provided to the best of my knowledge is true and correct.

I understand that Fortress Learning is required to submit data sourced from this enrolment form to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (NCVER) as a regulatory reporting requirement. The information contained on my enrolment form may be used or the following third parties for administrative, regulatory and/or research purposes:

• School – if I am a secondary student undertaking VET, including a school-based
apprenticeship or traineeship.

• Employer – if I am enrolled in training paid by my employer.

• Government departments and authorised agencies.


• Organisations conducting student surveys.

• Researchers.

You may receive an NCVER student survey which may be administered by an NCVER employee, agent or third party contractor. Please note you may opt out of the survey at the time of being contacted.

*Parental/guardian consent is required for all students under the age of 18.

NCVER will use, secure, disclose, and retain your data in accordance with the VET Data Protocol and all NCVER policies and protocols (including those published on NCVER’s website at www.ncver.edu.au).

I have read all the terms and conditions above. I fully understand each and every item. I agree to all terms and conditions. *
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