CHUTalk: Giacomo Gattoni
Join us this Thursday at 7 pm in Tizard Room for a great CHUTalk by Giacomo! Wine, cheese and other snacks and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided. Please let us know if you can attend so that we can provide enough snacks/drinks for everyone. Details for the talk are below:

Title: A biography of the brain: the evolutionary history of the nervous system
Abstract: The vertebrate brain is one of the major evolutionary innovations in the history of life and a key to their success. It is also the source of many of the traits and abilities unique to humans. Despite this, we know surprisingly little about the origin of the brain: if all animals with a spine have it, where does it come from? And when did it evolve? To answer these questions we focus primarily on marine animals, as life evolved and diversified in the sea through most of its history. I will start by re-tracing the evolution of the nervous system, from the first neuron to the diversity of neural architectures in modern animals. I will then describe more specifically how amphioxus, a small invertebrate that lives buried in the seabed, can help us understand the origin of our own brain.
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