Group Delegation Form 團體報名申請表
In order to initiate the registration process for a group delegation, a representative of your group would have to finish the following form. After receiving the application, PAMUN 2017 team will send further documents to the head delegate and further the registration process. If you have any concerns, please contact our Delegates' Affair department by sending email to

利於報名流程進行,請一位團隊中的代表填寫以下申請表。收到申請表後,PAMUN 2017籌備團隊將會寄出後續文件給團長。若有任何疑問,請寄電子郵件至 聯繫代表事務部。

Group Delegation Information 團隊資訊
Caution: All members of a group has to purchase either the domestic package or the foreign package. If there are packages are mixed, we will consider all delegates of the group to be purchasing the foreign package.

* Domestic Packages can only be bought by someone who is Taiwanese, or by someone who is currently studying here in Taiwan.



Group Name 團隊名稱 *
This will be the name we will be referring your group as in the future. 此名稱將會是未來各項文件中所使用之正式稱呼。
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Country Preference 國家偏好 *
Please list out countries that your delegation team wishes to represent and explain your reason. 請列出你的團隊偏好代表的國家,並敘述原因。
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Numbers of Delegates 參加人數 *
Please note that PAMUN 2017 team has the final decision on the number of delegates being offered to a delegation team.請注意:泛亞洲模聯2017籌備團隊有權決定最終人數。
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Number of Country Slots 代表國數量 *
This refers to the number of "slots" you wish to receive. (ie. For a 10 person group delegation, you might want 6 slots if you want 4 double delegation slots and 2 single delegates. 4 (double delegation slots) * 2 + 2 (single slot) * 1 = 10) 代表國數量指的是你希望有多少個"位子"。例:一組10人的團報中,如果你想要有4組雙代及2組單代,你會需要有6個"代表國數量"。
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Head Delegate's Information 團長資料
A head delegate must participate as a delegate in PAMUN 2017. 團長必須以代表身份參與2017泛亞洲模聯會議。
Passport Name 護照英文姓名 *
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Chinese Name 中文姓名 *
Leave N/A if your head delegate does not have a Chinese name. 若無中文姓名請填「N/A」。
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Mobile Number 手機號碼 *
Please leave your Mobile Number in the following format - (+country code)number. (ie. (+886)983-023-686 ) 請依照下列格式留手機號碼 (如:(+886)983-023-686 )
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E-mail Address for Contact 常用電子郵件信箱 *
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Anything you wish to tell us. 任何想說的話。
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