WMHS Student Parking Permit Application
To obtain a student parking permit, please fill out this online application and bring: your driver’s license, proof of insurance, vehicle registration, and $25 (cash or money order only) to Mrs. Vary in the Counseling Office.


All students with current parking permits displayed in their vehicle may park in the East Parking Lot off of Glenwood by the football and soccer fields. Senior permits will allow seniors the option of parking in the South Lot located by the county flats off Fourth Street. No students may park by the tennis courts or the Alumni Arena during the school day.

No students will drive to William D. Ford Career Tech Center without written permission from the administration of WMHS and William D. Ford Career Tech Center. If given permission, those students will transport only themselves.

No students will go to their vehicle during the school day without written permission from WMHS’s administration.

All cars must have a current WMHS student parking permit properly affixed to the driver’s side rear window.

Students will use only one parking space.

All students must be licensed and the vehicle must be insured.

The school is not responsible for the automobile or its contents. Vehicles should be locked.

The parking lot speed limit is 15 MPH.

Temporary parking permits will not be issued. If you park on school property without a permit or in an unauthorized area during the school day, you may be ticketed.

Student vehicles may be subject to search if there is a reasonable suspicion that drugs, alcohol, stolen property or other contraband might be present in that vehicle.

If you obtain a different vehicle or a new window, bring proof of insurance, registration and the old parking sticker to the office for a new sticker at no charge.

Students will lose parking privileges if any of the previously listed rules are broken, along with but not limited to: spinning tires, excessive noise, riding on the hood of roof, speeding, or discipline problems on school property before, during or after school.

Parking Regulations are strictly enforced. It is considered a privilege to park on school grounds. Suspension of driving privileges, towing of vehicles and/or suspension from school may occur when violations of these regulations occur.
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