Audience Survey 2017: Psychology of Attractiveness Podcast
Thanks for listening to The Psychology of Attractiveness Podcast and for clicking on the link to this audience survey.

I'm running this survey because I'm interested in who listens to the podcast. I've been making the show since 2009 but I don't know anything about you! If I have a better idea about who is listening, I can use this information to improve the show.

Some podcasters run audience surveys to gather information that they can use to attract potential sponsors. I have no problem with that, but it isn't the purpose of this survey.


Assigned sex at birth
What sex were you assigned at birth, on your original birth certificate?
Current gender identity
How do you describe yourself? (check one)
Sexual orientation
Do you think of yourself as:
How old are you?
What is your relationship status?
What is the highest level of education you have completed?
Have you studied psychology at:
(Check all that apply)
Are you currently a psychology student?
Do you currently teach psychology?
How did you discover the podcast?
How long have you been listening to the podcast?
If you can't remember exactly, please give your best guess.
Preferred episode length
Episodes of The Psychology of Attractiveness Podcast vary in length. Do you enjoy them most when they are:
Sometimes, but not always, I feature interviews with other scientists. Would you prefer it if:
Reasons for listening
Do you listen to the podcast because (check all that apply, and please add other reasons if you have any):
What are some of your favourite topics covered on the podcast?
What do you like to hear about on the show? (Check all that apply, and please add other topics you would like to hear about):
Do you have any ideas about how could I improve the podcast?
Your answer
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