OncANP Call for Research Posters
If you have something of value to share related to naturopathic oncology, we want to hear from you. Whether you have completed research, have developed a clinical protocol, seen an exceptional clinical response, or observed clinical situation creating harm, we invite you to share your knowledge. We want to make this an open and interesting process that is relevant, educational and fun for both audience and authors.

Specifically, we are seeking submissions related to:
- Preclinical research (i.e. animal or in vitro)
- Case reports and/or case series
- Observational clinical studies
- Clinical trials
- Literature reviews and summaries
- Standardized clinic protocols
- Group programs of care
- Use of diagnostic tools and tests
- Models of care

Context: Posters are widely used in the academic community and most conferences include poster presentations. The poster as an information vehicle can summarize important information and provide a snapshot to attendees in a different format from an oral presentation.

This is an additional way of getting good information out to our attendees and allowing clinicians and researchers within our community to share their clinical experience and knowledge gained from formal research.
A poster usually incorporates a mixture of brief text mixed with tables, graphs, pictures, and schematics to bring interest and clarity to the information. At the conference, one or more of the authors will stand by the poster display while other participants come to view the presentation and ask questions.

Concepts for presentation: Aim to provide relevant information and main concepts. The information on your poster should address three main questions:
1. What is the most important and interesting finding you want your audience to take away from this?
2. How can you visually share this information effectively? Should you use charts, graphs, photos, images?
3. What kind of information can you convey while talking to attendees that will complement your poster?

Tips to consider when completing a poster:
• Most important information should be readable from 10 feet away
• The title should be short and draw interest
• Keep overall word count between 300 to 800 words
• Keep text clear and to the point
• Use bullets, numbering, and headlines to make it easy to read
• Use graphics, color and fonts effectively
• Have a consistent and clean layout with lots of ‘white’ space
• Include all authors, acknowledgments and any affiliations for the authors

The research committee is offering support in your poster production:
We will have peer review and guided support to help authors bring the best information forward in this setting. Through mentorship by students and practitioners who have experience producing posters, the OncANP research committee will offer direct help in this process. Upon review some commentary will be provided to the authors that are submitting this information for helpful feedback.

Submissions are due by Monday, November 5th, 2018 at 9pm PDT/11:59pm EDT – no exceptions.

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Additional Authors: Include those who contributed to design, writing and overall content
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Title: Short and catchy *
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Background: Why is this information relevant? What is the background information that brings it to life and is needed for understanding and context? *
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Methods/Process: How was the data collected? What tools/tests were used? What was the timing? If a research study what done, what design was used? Where were the findings made? What is the intervention? *
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Conclusions: What can you say that summarizes the information? What is clinically relevant? What questions remain? What research is needed? *
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*** Note if the above described structure does not fit your particular poster, please just submit a 200 to 300 word narrative abstract describing the content goals.
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Have you lectured on/or presented this poster before? If yes, where and when? *
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Disclosure of Financial Relationships
Any conflicts of interest must be identified and resolved prior to the individual's confirmation as a presenter at OncANP sponsored events. Should any conflicts of interest arise after confirmation as a presenter, it is incumbent upon the presenter to notify the OncANP Conference Committee immediately and prior to the presentation. The intent of this policy is not to prevent individuals from participating, but rather to identify and resolve any conflicts of interest. Should resolution be impossible, the individual cannot be a presenter. Resolution methods may include, but not be limited to, one or more of the following:

A. OncANP Conference Committee (for conference presentations), or Research Committee (for posters), or Professional Education Committee (for webinars), peer review of content prior to the activity to ensure evidence-based content using best available, highest strength of evidence. The presenter must be responsive to revision requirements offered by the committee.
B. Assignment of a different topic for the individual.
C. Assignment of a different presenter for the topic.
D. Cancellation of the presenter.

Relevant Financial Relationships
“Relevant financial relationships” are those in which an individual (including spouse/domestic partner) has both of the following characteristics.

1. A personal financial relationship (any amount) with a commercial interest (any entity producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients) in the past 12 months, whether the relationship has now ended or is currently active.
- and -
2. Presentation includes educational content addressing specific products of the commercial interest identified in #1 above (for instance, a brand owner presenting information on a product or formulation sold under that brand)(

(No disclosure needed for relationships with non-profits, government units, or entities not producing health care goods or services.)

NOTE: Relevant relationships identified on the disclosure form (including the absence of such relationships) must be conveyed to the audience in the presentation slides as slide #2 and verbally recited at the beginning of the presentation. If no slides are used, the disclosures must be stated verbally by the presenter at the beginning of the presentation.

NOTE: the presence of a relevant financial relationship does not necessarily preclude participation as a presenter, with resolution of the conflict as outlined above.

Do you have any financial relationships to disclose? *
If disclosing a financial conflict please list Name of Commercial Interest, Your Relationship to Commercial Interest, and Time of involvement (indicate date range using month/year – month/year)
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Any additional information you would like to share with the research committee.
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