CLOSED - Cook Islands Language Week 2021 Funding
This online application form outlines the terms and conditions of funding for Cook Islands Language Week 2021 provided by the Ministry of Pacific Peoples (MPP) and distributed by the Cook Islands Development Agency NZ (CIDANZ) to our people to support activities that celebrate and nurture our Cook Islands Maori language.

Please read this Application Form & Agreement carefully and seek advice if necessary. Also note that all information recorded will be shared with the MPP.

2021 Theme:
“‘Ātuitui’ia au ki te Oneone o tōku ‘Ui Tupuna”
“Connect me to the soil of my ancestors”

What you'll need to do to complete and receive funding:
1. Answer all the questions in this form
2. Submit the form with a detailed budget and details about the activities you are wanting to be funded.
3. On request by CIDANZ, provide an invoice with a photo of your bank statement/bank slip clearly displaying the bank account number listed on your invoice.
4. Complete a simple accountability report, details of which will be provided in the your CILW funding letter.

Please note that funding is limited, however we will try our best to accommodate the needs of your Event/Activity. If you have any questions about this application form, please contact Janet at
Your Name & the Group/Organisation you are applying for or associated with. *
e.g. Jarome Pateli from the University of Otago or Lena Tumutare from Cook Islands Youths Trust. If you are not associated with a group or organisation, just enter your first and last name.
Contact Details *
Mobile Number and Email Address
Social Media Page or Website *
Type "None" if your group does not have a social media page or website.
Region you, your organisation or group are based in: *
What is your Event/Activity? *
Tell us about the event or activity/ies that you are wanting to be funded. MUST INCLUDE the name of the event/activity, date, time, location/address and if the event is open to the public or not. If the event is online, please provide a link to where it will be uploaded to. All this will be shared with MPP to be displayed on their website during CILW.
Detailed Budget *
Tell us the cost of your event/activity and how funds will be allocated against those costs.
Please tell us how your Event or Activity will... *
(1) Share and pass on Cook Islands language knowledge, (2) Enable accessibility to language learning, (3) Increase awareness and value of our language, (4) Provide a platform for the use of the reo, and (5) Help increase and grow the number of Kuki Airani Maori speakers? E.g. Ei-making workshop contributes to sharing and passing on Cook Islands language knowledge because we will use Maori phrases in our workshop.
Who will be attending the Event/Activity? *
How many people are you hoping will attend or participate in your event, their age range and their level of language competency e.g. 50 people, between the ages of 20-55yrs, language competency mixed - fluent and beginner.
Will young people be involved in your Event/Activity?
This year our theme was set by our Cook Islands young people. It is a call out, yearning and a desire for our young people to connect to their language through their elders and ancestors. If relevant, please tell us how your event will involve young people (15 - 25) whether they are part of organising/leading the event/activity, or if they are the target audience. Leave blank if not relevant.
By submitting this application you:
Agree for CIDANZ to use the:
1. Information provided for the purpose of promoting and raising the awareness of CILW, and encouraging language use.
2. If links are provided, that we are able to share that through our social medias and the NZ Cook Islands Language Week Facebook page and on Instagram.
3. That accepting funding will result in a commitment to CIDANZ to also complete an accountability report after the event or activity is held.
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