COVID-19: Ethical contemporary collecting
This form is for organisations and individuals interested in documenting and collecting around COVID-19 for long term preservation and access.

The intention is to create a publicly accessible directory, which is automatically updated as individuals complete the form. This directory will not be managed or maintained by one individual or institution, but instead be a shared and collaborative resource to connect individuals to each other.

Access to this form has been advertised publicly via social media, mailing lists and through professional networks.

The information gathered will be collated into a spreadsheet and shared freely with others interested in this topic. There is no obligation to share information you do not want to be made openly available - all questions are optional.

While these questions may be skewed to those working in heritage / collecting organisations, anyone is invited to take part, including individuals choosing to engage in this subject matter or from other disciplines.

The spreadsheet of responses can be viewed here:
Your name and preferred pronouns: E.g. Alex Smith (she/her)
Your answer
Organisation you are affiliated with / collecting on behalf of (please state if working as individual)
Your answer
Country of origin / where your organisation is based
Your job title (or professional / personal interest if working independently)
Your answer
If you're happy to be contacted and will be available during the coming months, please provide your email address or other contact details.
Your answer
If you are part of an organisation, which category do you (broadly) fit into?
What is your collecting remit? (e.g if you are interested in collecting lived experience of people in your geographical area).
Your answer
Please select your main collecting priorities from the list below.
What formats are you hoping to focus on collecting?
Have you already started collecting on this topic? If so, please outline what you have collected, tools you have used, along with any links to websites.
Your answer
How are you planning on acquiring material? Creating records, collecting records,
Are you already collaborating with / in contact with other individuals or organisations (For example, working with other local groups or researchers)? If yes, please provide details.
Your answer
What tools are you considering using to collect on this topic? (e.g. Webcorder, Omeka, etc)
Your answer
What are your main ethical concerns around collecting on this topic (e.g. consent and donation agreements and GDPR, need for sensitivity around subject matter, etc)
Your answer
How are you planning to free up resources and capacity to collect on this topic? Is there anything that would be helpful to allow you to collect on this topic?
Your answer
Have you got any other comments / suggestions / thoughts?
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