2019-2020 Brighton H.S. Band Sign-up
Registration form for membership in Brighton High School Band (NEW & RETURNING MEMBERS NEED TO FILL OUT THIS FORM TO REGISTER FOR THE 2019-2020 BHS BAND.

In addition to this online registration, you will need to fill out and sign a hard copy of the parental consent & emergency information form which can be picked up in the band office from your band director.

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2019-2020 Band Information/Handbook

MEMBERSHIP: All Incoming/New members outside of the Brighton Middle & High School Bands program must audition for placement within the Brighton High School Band. Brighton Middle school band members must be in good standing within the 8th grade band program to obtain membership in the BHS Band.
PLACEMENT: In order to maintain the consistency and quality needed to fulfill the high expectations of our community and school, we utilize an alternate system. Some band members will initially be placed in the alternate line based on their performance history, progress made during summer camp and/or audition scores. During summer camp, some members may be moved in and out of this alternate line based on marching performance, attendance, exhibited efforts and/or musical contributions. A large majority of the alternate line is comprised of freshmen band members due to their inexperience and the high level of focus required for competition level performance. All members who are placed in the alternate line are still required to attend rehearsals, performances, & competitions AND are considered fully active members of the BHS Band. Alternates are also required to pay band fees and meet any deadlines established. Placement within all BHS Band Programs will be determined by the director and staff and may be changed when deemed necessary for the benefit of the ensemble.

FIRST SEMESTER GRADING: Grades are based on 3 factors
1. Weekly participation – 10%:
This grade includes: Behavior during classes, warm-ups, rehearsals, travel, and performances.
Preparedness and readiness for classes, warm-ups, rehearsals, and performances.
Show up at the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment, ready to perform.

2. Attendance to Rehearsals – 50%:
Attendance to all after-school rehearsals are required to maintain the highest performance quality possible. If you are at HALF of the rehearsal (even for tutoring or detention) you will receive HALF credit for that rehearsal (a 50 in the grade book). Your weekly rehearsal schedule will be:
Tuesdays – 2:50 – 5:00 p.m.
Wednesdays – 2:50 – 5:00 p.m.
Thursdays – 2:50 – 5:00 p.m.
An unexcused absence from all or part of rehearsal may result in loss of position within the show and placement on the alternate line. Multiple excused absences may result in loss of position within the show and placement on the alternate line.

3. Attendance to Performances – 40%:
Performing is what we do. Attendance to and full participation in performances are of the utmost importance. Performance is what we are about and what we DO. When you’re not here, the ensemble’s performance suffers. ABSENCE DUE TO WORK OR FAMILY VACATION IS NOT DEEMED AS EXCUSED

*Pass-Offs: Although not part of the grading rubric, from time to time pass-offs are assigned to evaluate each members contribution to the ensemble and ensure 100% musical participation. Musicians will be required to pass-off pre-chosen musical passages, while Guard members will pass-off routine and dance selections. Members not performing at 100% may be replaced if there is an alternate who is performing better and is more capable of contributing to the ensemble’s sound and visual element.

SECOND SEMESTER GRADING: Grades are based on 3 factors
1. Weekly Participation – 30%: Throughout second semester, band members earn a weekly grade based upon
Participation during class, exhibition of completed practice assignments through individual performance trials, & fulfillment of assigned daily duties.

2. Pass Offs – 50%: Throughout the second semester we will be assigning many individual pass-offs of fundamental exercises, scales, and passages of music literature. Students will be given TWO opportunities to pass-off the selected passages/exercises before the final grade is placed in the grade book.

3. Attendance to Performances – 20% Performances are usually announced at least 3 weeks prior to the performance date.

RULES: All school & board of education rules and codes are held to each member within the band program. Band is an extra-curricular subject and membership is a privilege. With such a large membership, there is a lot of trust held between members and directors/staff. Use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and/or any other illegal or age inappropriate substances will result in immediate expulsion from the band. Fighting may also result in immediate expulsion from the band. Other disciplinary matters may result in placement to alternate line or office referral.

BOOSTERS/CHAPERONES: We have the BEST booster organization on campus. These parents work very hard in coordination with YOU to make sure we have the needed materials whether it’s instruments, uniforms, music, repairs, food, water, or support. The boosters make so much happen for this band program. Boosters will be respected. Follow directions given by your chaperones. If you question their direction, come to a staff member immediately and ask for guidance. DO NOT BE DISRESPECTFUL. “Please” and “Thank You” go a long way with your boosters, they’re here to help you and your band program.

SCHOOL INSTRUMENTS: If you are playing a school owned instrument, you will be required to sign a school instrument agreement. Any damage that is incurred while the instrument is loaned to you must be repaired within two weeks of the date of damage. You are responsible for the care of this instrument while it is loaned out to you. Any uncompleted repairs will be completed and billed to your account after the two week repair period has passed.

PHYSICALS: To protect our student’s well being and ensure that every student on the field is physically ready to execute our demanding drill & music, Brighton High School requires each band member to have a physical completed and on file in the band office before band camp of their first year in band. Please have your family physician conduct a physical exam and confirm your child’s ability to participate in marching
band. Your Physician/Pediatrician should have a sports physical form that he/she can complete for you. Please have this form on file in the band office on or before your child’s first day of band camp.

This is where a large portion of our hard work for the fall is done. With a pretty rigorous rehearsal/training schedule, camp is what brings the entire fall show into being. Camp is where our spots are assigned, drill is learned, basics of show music is learned, fundamentals are established, and design is completed.
If you want to be in the show, you must be at camp. It’s that simple. Here are your camp dates:

-If you are a new member of the band (this includes all freshmen woodwind & brass) you must attend:
Fundamentals Camp-Monday, July 8th through Friday, July 12th 6:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

-If you are a percussionist or guard member within the band then you must attend:
Percussion and Guard Camp- Monday, July 8th through Friday, July 12th Times TBA by instructors
Percussion: don't forget about the pre-camp being held June 11th - 15th!

-ALL band members (new & returning) must attend:
FULL BAND CAMP – Monday, July 15th through Friday, July 26th 6:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (except Saturday’s & Sunday’s)

Meet the Band - Friday, July 26th 6:30 p.m.
This is our first performance of the show for the public. Before the show parents can visit our spirit tent to order show shirts, extra band shirts, spirit items and band swag to show their band pride!

Fees are necessary to acquire materials such as music literature, customs arrangements, custom drill custom choreography, large instruments, adjunct instructors, entry fees, transportation, show materials, uniform updates, uniform maintenance, field materials, and instructional supplies, All of which are used to build and prepare our competitive band. Fee waiver is not applicable to Band since band is an extracurricular activity.

BHS Band Fees are currently $350.00 (One of the lowest band fees around!)

-You’re $100.00 deposit is due in the band office no later than the last day of school May 23rd, 2019.
-The remaining balance ($250.00) is due no later than Monday, July 15th (the first day of full band camp).

Please make sure that you get your $100.00 deposit in by May 23rd, 2019 to secure your child's spot in the BHS Marching Band. You can mail payments toward the rest of your child's balance throughout the summer.

Please mail all payments to:

Brighton Band Boosters Make ALL payments payable to “Brighton Band Boosters”.
P.O. Box 608 Please make sure your child's name is in the memo line of your check before mailing.
Brighton, TN. 38011

(if you are paying with cash, please come by the band office during school hours so you can get a receipt for payment)

Required 1 time purchases:
Everyone: Each individual needs to go shopping this summer to purchase a pair of Khaki shorts for hot weather performances. Please make sure your shorts are appropriate in length.
(Not too short but also not so long that they impede your visuals.)

Musicians: These are items that you need to acquire over the summer on you own:
-At least one pair of LONG black sock
-Lyre (clamp that holds a flip folder to your instrument).
On July 24th, we will be fitting and ordering MTX band shoes for those band members that do not have a pair or need replacement shoes. These shoes are $40.00 per pair. Please have your money ready to place your order on July 25th.

-One pair of Guard shoes ($40.00 these will be fitted for & ordered through the band on Friday, July 12th),
-One time purchase of practice equipment $135.00 which needs to be paid before the first day of guard camp
which is July 8th. (These are practice materials that students will use throughout their 4 year high school career
and take with them upon graduation from BHS)

Please understand that you are signing up for a performance based class. There is a BIG difference between middle school band and high school band. This is a performance group that is dedicated to serving our school and community plus competing at a high level. These performances are not optional.

Here is a tentative performance schedule for next fall:
Friday, July 26th - Meet The Band
Friday, August 23rd - Home Game Brighton Vs. Raleigh Egypt
Friday, August 30th - Away Game Brighton Vs. Dyersburg
Friday, September 13th - Away Game Brighton Vs. Covington
Friday, September 20th - Home Game Brighton Vs. Munford
Saturday, September 21st - COMPETITION -Arlinton, TN.
Friday, September 27th - Home Game Brighton Vs. Kingsbury
Saturday, September 28th - COMPETITION - COMPETITION - Briarcrest
Friday, October 4th - Home Game Brighton Vs. Arlington
Saturday, October 5th - COMPETITION - Collierville
Friday, October 18th - Home Game Brighton Vs. Southwind BAND SENIOR NIGHT
Saturday, October 19th - PRACTICE DAY
Friday, October 25th - Home Game Brighton Vs. Ridgeway
Saturday, October 26th - COMPETITION - Bandmaster's Championship (tentative)

PLEASE HAVE YOUR $100.00 DEPOSIT MAILED IN OR TURNED IN BY MAY 23rd. Please mail all deposits to:
“Brighton Band Boosters”
P.O. Box 608
Brighton, TN. 38011

It is important to have your registration completed by MAY 23rd in order to build our roster for next year. This CAN NOT be changed at the last minute as new people decide to show up. If you have any questions please email me at: jfindley@tipton-county.com

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