Trying out for UTS Volleyball senior teams in 2016?
This form is for players trialing for UTS Volleyball senior teams for the 2016 season. Interested players should be ready to make commitments for; training and games, financial contribution, attitude & effort. Players will be selected based on current ability (skill & physical attributes), potential (coachability, likely improvement in skill), fit to club & team (attitude, commitment, communication).
Trials will be held on Tuesdays at Sydney Boys High School on 23rd February & 1st March, with a further trial if required on 8th March.
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Amazing how many volleyballers have a nickname and other players don't know their real name
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Tell us about the last season you played (competition & level) and how you personally went in that team
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Please tell us if you are a current UTS student
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Do you expect to be able to the necessary time, financial & emotional commitments to be a part of UTS Volleyball club in 2016?
Will you be available on a Tuesday night to attend training?
early, late or both?
How many rounds of State Volleyball League were you available for last year you played?
not including injury, just those you were away for
How many rounds of SVL do you expect to miss in 2016
Please indicate which of the state cups you expect to be available for in 2016
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