Help us to make All Together NOW! even better! SIX £25 prizes on offer!

For 14 fantastic years All Together NOW! has been helping huge numbers of people. Now, we need some help ourselves …

We rely heavily on charitable trusts and foundations to support our work. Their generous donations have helped us reach – and help – hundreds of thousands of people affected by disability, ill health, and age. Now we want to help even more people with our unique news and information service.

But to do so, we need your support. Funders need to know exactly how All Together NOW! is making an impact on readers’ lives.We have devised this simple questionnaire that will demonstrate just how vitally important and helpful our services are to so many people – and on so many different levels.

Please help by spending a few minutes to answer these questions. As a way of thanks, we will enter your name into a special prize draw that gives you a chance to win one of SIX £25 gift vouchers. Your details will NOT be shared by any other organization.

Thank you –


Closing date for the prize draw: Friday 24 May

Do you consider yourself to have a disability or a mental health issue?
Are you a carer for a family member, friend, neighbour?
Are you over 65?
Has All Together NOW! increased your awareness of local services?
Does All Together NOW! help you feel more informed about issues relating to health and disabilities?
Does All Together NOW! help you feel more informed about opportunities/special offers/ways to engage?
Has All Together NOW! given you the confidence/ knowledge to access services (e.g. joined groups, take up sports/ holidays/ funding opportunities etc)?
Have you accessed services (e.g. joined groups, taken up sports/holidays/applied for funding opportunities/ responded to adverts etc) as a result of All Together NOW!?
Has All Together NOW! helped you feel more confident/ more informed about accessing volunteering / employment / training opportunities?
Have you taken up volunteering / employment / training opportunities as a result of All Together NOW!?
Has your physical health/wellbeing improved as a result of accessing services/activities highlighted in All Together NOW!?
Are you a regular user of the Internet?
Do you want All Together NOW! to improve its online/social media services?
Are there other ways in which All Together NOW! is helping you and your family?
Your answer
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