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Our survey deals with the political literacy in youths in Europe nowadays. Namely, we pick out randomly news or events from the mass media & give them to be commented.
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Newspaper report translated from the Greek online newspaper, dated 14.11.2012

Compulsory transfer of a teacher following intervention of the
nationalistic „Golden Dawn“ party

A greek teacher working as educator in a kindergarten in Lefkada (Western
Greece) was banished from another kindergarten because she hung out
drawings from the children, showing both Greek and Albanian flags, in their
group room before the October 28 (Greek national holiday), where eight (8)
out of twenty (20) children were with of albanian origin. This matter got renown
because of a protest letter by parents, which was written to the Golden Dawn
party and informed them of this occurence.

Following this (and the responsible authority becoming active) the teacher was
temporarily displaced with the reasoning of her acting "out of the pedagogic

The teacher herself underlines: "One week ahead of the 28th of October and
because of the celebration of the Greek flag, I asked the children to draw
flags, and some drew their own ones. Of course, I told the children that we
were celebrating the Greek flag, and we also sang the correct song. In the
kindergarten, we always place all of the childrens art at the walls, and so I hung
the drawings next to each other. When parents noticed the other flags the next
day, they were outraged ... The way I approached the theme national holiday
is correct to the knowledge I earned during further education on the theme of
intercultural pedagogy.“

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