Australian Celtic Dance Championship Entry Form
Entries Close: 29th February 2020
Small (duo/trio) - $300 1st, $200 2nd
Large (minimum four) - $500 1st, $400 2nd.
Single Performances
12 - 15 years Junior Australian Celtic Dance Champion $200 1st, $100 2nd
16 - 21 years: Young Australian Celtic Dance Champion $300 1st $200 2nd
Over 21 years: Australian Celtic Dance Champion $500 1st $300 2nd

- The order of appearance will be determined by a random ballot.

- Please be considerate of other competitors and seek their permission to record any of their performances.

If you don't receive an email from us, regarding the time that the competition is run by the 15th of March. It is your responsibility to contact the Festival Office before 30th of March, to confirm you are in the program.
Rules, Conditions and Information
• All Competitors over 18 will be allocated a performer pass to attend the event.
• Entrants will be responsible for all costs associated with entering the competition.
• Entrants must arrange their own accommodation. Be aware that accommodation fills up quickly and choices will be limited and may not be available if left too late.
• The winner and runner-up of each category will be required to perform their winning dance at the festival site, on the Sunday following the awards on the Saturday night.
• The competition dance routines will be run on the Saturday, for all entrants.
• Your music must be provided to the sound crew at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the competition. It must be in MP3 format.
• The dance will be judged on its ‘Celtic’ merits. This includes Celtic dance moves, costume, props and the music selected.
• This is a Celtic dance competition and there is no requirement to have this themed with the current ‘year of’ that the Australian Celtic Festival is promoting.
• Props may also be used to enhance the performance experience, if approved by the stage manager. These must be able to be setup and removed in under a minute.
• Dance routines are to be 5 minutes or less.
• If we have too many entrants than we can accept, entrants will be selected in the order in which the applications were received.
• Judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
• A performer may only enter into the solo categories once.
• A performer may only enter into the group categories once.
• A dance school may have more than one group, but each performer can only appear once in each of the group categories.
• The prize money for the group category is the total for the whole group.
• A group is defined as 2 or more.
• There is no limit to the number of dancers in a group. However, as stage space is limited, having too many dancers on stage at once may pose a safety risk. It could also affect your performance and the judges will have a hard time seeing the routine.
• The minimum age to compete is 12 years old at the time of the competition.
• These rules may be updated and if so, the version current at the time of the competition will be used.
• Entry into the competition signifies acceptance of all conditions.
• Competitors must not have learnt from the adjudicator(s) within 3 months of the start of the festival.

Entrants are required to abide by the Rules, Conditions and Information as presented.
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For the Group Category: Enter in the First and Last names of all the people in the group separated by a comma. For the Solo Category: Enter the First and Last name of the person that will be competing.
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If you are performing at the festival. Please advise all the groups or other acts you are performing in. We will use this information to try and alleviate any clashes in the programming
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